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The Global Graphene Group in California and Electrify California have formed a joint partnership to enhance

Mobile Electric Car Charging Technology

with graphene to improve the conductivity of charging cables, graphene enhancement of batteries and develop

Super Charging Capacitors.

The Global Graphene Group is pleased to be working with Electrify California

to improve the technology for their Electric Car Charging Fleet and

Help in the global battle to stop car pollution.



Graphene of America is focused on developing practical alternatives to current

energy storage technology like batteries and have been working on graphene enhanced Super Capacitors.

Super Capacitors offer the potential of storing up to 100 times the energy of batteries and weigh much less than batteries.

It is still early in our research to develop a practical commercial Super Capacitor; however, the combination of our

graphene technology with Super Capacitors offers massive advancement for the future of energy storage and delivery,

especially for electric cars and ultra fast charging technology, which could potentially be reduced from hours to

just a few minutes for fully charging any electric car. Super Capacitors may also be a practical solution to lowering the weight of

electric cars by reducing or entirely eliminate the batteries. This would also increase the range of all electric vehicles substantially

making them even more practical.




























The global Graphene Group is headquartered in Southern California and is the parent company of the world's largest network of Global Graphene Companies:


The original Global Graphene Group was established in California in 2005 as a Graphene Research company and holding company for a number of global graphene group companies.

In 2005 the Global Graphene Group registered this Web site:

"Global Graphene"

The Global Graphene web site has been registered and hosted with Go Daddy, the World's Largest Registrar, since 2005.


The "Global Graphene Group" name and web site is the original internet registrant of the "Global Graphene Group" name and retains the global and U.S. trademark (TM) rights to the Global Graphene name and usage. No usage of the "Global Graphene Group" or variations of the "Global Graphene Group" name is permitted.








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